Direct Mail Fundraising

From campaign strategy to targeted delivery, we do it all!

Campaign Strategy

We'll design and deliver a detailed campaign strategy with your goals and audience in mind.

Demographic Targeting

We'll develop a custom mailing list for your campaign so you get in front of the right audience.

Mailer Design & Printing

From beautiful design to high-quality printing, we can help you create a persuasive campaign.

Mailing and Delivery

We handle all aspects of delivery, including mail preparation, postage, and delivery to USPS.

When it comes to direct mail fundraising, you can trust in our years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars raised!

We Can Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Organizing a financial support campaign is extremely difficult and overwhelming for any organization to undertake alone.

This is why more organizations choose Wilson Press & Mail House to develop a customized mailing campaign for their fundraising efforts. From strategy to design to implementation, a successful campaign lies in the details.

We have a full line of affordable services, including design, printing, direct mail and digital advertising that can help you reach more people, build awareness, and generate more contributions. We will:

  • Create a direct mail fundraising strategy
  • Create an engaging and professional design
  • Assist in determining the ideal areas to target
  • Handle the printing and the mailing preparation
  • Deliver your pieces to the post office for delivery

In short? We can guide you every step of the way.

Strategy, Design, Printing, and Postage...we do it all!

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